Medic Uran fererence from Mrs. And Mr. Mičulkovi

We came across Somavedic "accidentally" after watching an interview of Mr Rybjansky on Cesty k sobě internet television. It very much impressed us and we decided to buy it, mainly because of our poor sleep (frequent waking, light sleep, not properly rested in the morning). Since there are high-voltage power lines about 10 meters from our house and we have a clinic of holistic medicine in our cellar, Mr Rybjansky recommended Uran model to us.

After its activation I felt the change practically immediately - the atmosphere thinned, it wasn't so "dense", I felt relief. The omnipresent pressure, which you get used to not to perceive, but still you subconsciously get irritated by it (when you have energy for it), or exhausted by it (when you have no energy to resist it) eased up significantly. My husband is not so sensitive to these things, but after two days even he said he was calmer and in a better mood.

I even noticed those symptoms - we slept less, we were waking up during night prematurely rested, even long-time old leg injury came up again, which inhibited me to step on that leg for a couple of hours. But I was aware it was a part of process of cleaning the cellular memory, so I didn't mind.

Now I have had Uran device for two months. In general our sleep is better, we don't wake up during night (I had to go often to the toilet during night - that stopped). It is most evident on my little daughter (she does not toss and turn, she doesn't change positions, she doesn't "travel" across bed, she doesn't wake up that often - she's year and a half old, so sometimes she still wakes me up) and my grandmother, who lives on the first floor, sleeps 6-8 hours in a row, which hasn't happened for her for 40 years. I am calmer, my mood is more stable, I'm not nervous for no reason as I used to be a lot. Simply said I feel better, I have more energy and desire for life. My grandmother talks about changes for the better in terms of humming in ears, which bothered her a lot. In Uran device we also energize water, drinks - they taste better. As opposed to tap water, it is incomparably more pleasant and pure. Our dogs are also calmer.

The effect is most evident on animals and children, which I think also proves the strength of Somavedic. Adults can try to fool themselves, but children and animals don't pretend anything. Even my parents bought Uran device, who 10 years ago moved out of the city to a remote village, where they bought a farm. My dad is very sensitive to electrosmog and all of our civilization maladies, therefore he moved as far away from civilization as possible. They have had Somavedic for two months and they both notice big calming and much better mood, a desire to create and improve. It's like this device takes some cover of apathy off of you. As far as animals are concerned - our horses started to regularly stay as near to the farm as possible - to Somavedic. They have multiple hectares of big pastures available and previously they didn't even think about coming close to the house from the pastures. Today they are there every single day several times!

I am very satisfied. I recommend it to everyone, whether they experience some issues or not. Ideally to put this device to all places, where a lot of people and animals gather, and to put it into every household. I want to thank the author of this device that he shared it with the world.

Tereza and Daniel Miculkovi