Medic model reference from Teal Swan
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Here is the info for Somavedic...

There are several reasons why these Somavedic devices work. In short, the Somavedic effects discordant and stagnant energy patterns wherever it is placed.

The earth, being in essence a living being, is not purely in alignment. Like any organism, it has it's own areas of "illness" and "health". We call these areas of disturbance a geo-pathogenic zone. When organisms living on earth (like people) wander into these areas, the overall energy of these "out of alignment" spots influences the organism into a state of "out of alignment" as well. They effect the immune system most of all. This "out of alignment" state causes fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field and in the earth's meridians, causing illness or other symptoms that are not conducive to the well being of organisms in that location. Also, the energy coming up from the center of the earth is projected in patterns that are not conducive to life on the surface of the earth. In some locations, this energy from the center of the earth is much closer to the surface of the earth and it creates geo-pathogenic zone. These geo-pathogenic zones are not conducive to living organisms on the surface of the earth. In these cases, placing the device in the location, causes a "restructuring" of the unhealthy energy patterns, so the effect is not felt by the organism. Manmade objects and disturbances can also cause geo-pathogenic zones.

I have noticed that the Somavedic device works best inside buildings. Buildings are effected by geo-pathogenic zones, but they are also effected by anything that happened in the house and by the way they were designed. Some house designs create areas of "stagnant" energy. The Somavedic device creates healthy movement in these areas. This prevents stagnant energy. Stagnant energy can greatly effect a person. When something occurs inside a house, like a suicide etc.

The extreme energy frequency of the event becomes "attached" to the house.

The energy pattern that is imprinted there effects people greatly. The Somavedic device neutralizes these energy patterns. It does not get rid of them, but it disallows the energy pattern from reaching the people in the area where it is placed. It's like a "shield". speaking of this shielding, people are greatly effected by electronics in houses and internet Wi Fi. I have personally observed the device shielding the electronic currents and re structuring the patterns that are projected from them so that the rest of the room and the people in the room are unaffected by those potentially harmful currents of energy. this device seems to be very effective when placed next to the pattern we call radiation. It would be interesting to see the effect if a large device was placed in a large geo pathogenic zone like Hiroshima.

I would be very interested to see a large one built there. I would like to see (If one could ever be built to be submerged underwater) whether the effects would be magnified by water and have an effect on underwater reefs etc.

It is as if this device creates a "Schumann Wave" which allows the cells and energy patterns of your own body to maintain their own frequency of vibration. It allows homeostasis.

My personal favorite application for this device is for electro magnetic pollution. I have observed this device on several occasions neutralize electro magnetic pollution. And this is what I have chosen to use it for in my own home. I have nick named it the harmonizer... Because if you were to sum up its use, this is what it does... It Harmonizes energy patterns.