Somavedic is already helping people from all around the world

If we want to eliminate the consequences, we must first remove the cause.

The Somavedic device can perfectly harmonize the body and the environment we live in or stay most of the day. Relatively healthy individuals feel usually much better after the effects of Somavedic and ill people re-gain strength to be able to heal more easily. You will feel the effect in the first few weeks and more sensitive people will feel it even as soon as turned on. 

We have 99,9 % satisfied Somavedic owners and over 15 000 sold pieces

Almost no one returned Somavedic because of dissatisfaction. Somavedic was designed after several years of research and trials. It´s been tested and verified not only by natural sciences experts but also by operators of diagnostic-therapeutic centers. 

Somavedic also has beneficial influence on animals, plants and everything alive. The effects are very gradual, pleasant, gentle and positive. Some clients go through initial detoxification effect, which can be a bit uncomfortable, but soon dissolves and you literally start feeling like a "fish in the water". Special models can also 100% harmonize water.

Video about Somavedic on Cesty k sobě

The inventor, designer and manufacturer of Somavedic Ivan Rybjanský speaks with Alžběta Šorfová, who openly asks many practical questions, which sooner or later you would ask as well. 

Somavedic and Doctor Pekarek

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People most often buy Somavedic based on recommendation from their friends. Most orders are made this way. For a long time, Somavedic hasn't been available in retail stores or online bazaars. It shows the satisfaction of the vast majority of the Somavedic owners.

Somavedic promotes itself in the best and proven way. Simply by working.

Somavedic Technologies s.r.o. is the direct manufacturer of Somavedic devices.

We started manufacturing Somavedic (till November 2014 - Somatex) based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine - Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine and related areas, and of course based on scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy - effects of specific "vibrations" on the environment and the human body.

With all our heart, we believe in another bright future