Atlantik and Medic models reference from Sascha James and family
Sem vložte podnadpis

We got a recommendation from a friend who had very positive experience with SOMATEX.

Frankly speaking, we chose Somatex as the best option among 10-15 other devices, but after we had got it I hardly cared and stopped thinking about it. Nevertheless, the first two to three weeks brought some changes and effects and everyone in our household started feeling better, in terms of the quality of sleep and the amount of energy that we started to "receive" out of nowhere. They say that some people need a longer adaptation period, but somehow we did not have any issues. I could not "believe", or perhaps I could not even imagine that something that "sits on the shelf" could have such an impact on its surroundings.

We had a very special experience with water soon after we had bought Atlantik. My wife always found the tap water distasteful and all the filters that we tried to use helped her a lot. Nevertheless, the taste and feeling of the water treated with Atlantik solved this problem for good and we are very happy now. We recommend SOMATEX to everyone who is diligent and takes care of his or her health and welfare.

We are very pleased with those many, many benefits that we have received (and continue to receive!) thanks to the work of Mr. Rybjanský.