All models reference from Radek with family
Sem vložte podnadpis

When a 3 year old little girl places little animals around Somatexes and constantly talks to them, it is strange but only until you understand that children are much closer to purity and God than adults. When I asked why the animals were around, I got the answer: They are being healed. It's good to learn from children and play.

After some time, I bought Atlantik for water treatment and I have to say that the water is better. Much better. Another great choice :-). The water tastes good and you drink it more and you cleanse yourself. It is strange and you feel you are doing the right thing. After a certain amount of time, you automatically start adjusting your diet and not only that. You start to work on yourself. And that is the right path, which started with a being called Somatex, which constantly teases you, tunes you up and makes you the right home. Today, I have model Medic and a spiritual golden darling in my collection. It is beautiful when all guests tell you that your environment at home is somehow cleaner and you are smiling and know why. Another beautiful and important thing is communication with the being, who teaches you respect and thanking. To sum it up, it is a universal guide through life and a member of the family :-). I am grateful for its meeting with me.