Model Harmonie reference from Jan
Sem vložte podnadpis

In operation since: July 25, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 59.5 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 326 500 BE*

I got Somavedic Harmonie 9 weeks ago and the following analysis is based on my own sensory observations, extrasensory perception and radiesthetic measurements. There are many superlative rumours about Somavedic and sometimes it is even believed to have supernatural powers. No wonder then that I've been seriously asked whether Somavedic can also cure cancer. Such speculations are really dangerous. That is why I decided to focus on data about Somavedic's impact on human health. As any other currently available device, Somavedic cannot cure cancer or any other serious illness, of course! And the producer has never claimed anything like that. Nevertheless, the device can create the best environment necessary for curing any illness - and much more. Today, there are many devices produced by companies claiming that they are able to eliminate one or another problem or one on another illness using electromagnetic and other kinds of frequencies. The truth is I know of no as universal and effective device as Somavedic. And what's more - the price is not too high and almost anyone can afford it.

For better understanding, I would like comment on several measured parameters:


Somavedic harmonizes the Chakras, i.e. it sets the biofield - the energetic, or we can even say auric, coat of the Chakras - right. This has a positive effect on our health and mental state, and (with certain exaggeration) we can also claim that it helps those working on themselves with their spiritual growth.

Torsion field

Another very interesting "ability" I've noticed while using the device is an almost complete elimination of torsion fields created by torsion field generators. These generators are mind control weapons. I live in a country where these generators are installed in big cities, and I will continue to closely watch this effect in my environment, i.e. in the environment under the influence of Somavedic. There have been none torsion field generators installed in the Czech Republic so far and I believe the situation will remain the same. This function is therefore passé for all of you living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, no matter whether you believe in the existence of torsion field generators or not.


The device strongly eliminates the influence of religious and possibly also other egregors on people, i.e. it is also active - interestingly enough - in the astral plane. Egregors are forms of energies in the astral plane through which they are able to manipulate the human psyche. Especially the egregors of various religions and isms are very negative. The weaker your will and your heart and crown chakras are, the stronger the influence of egregors is. This occurs at an unconscious level.


I have read several comments on Somavedic's ability to help deepen one's meditations. And it is true! This is partly because it improves concentration and harmonizes the Chakras and the aura. It also helps to get into the alpha state more quickly and more successfully. The alpha state is a state of lower brain wave frequencies (8-13 Hz) which we need for an effective meditation. This means that the influence of Somavedic on the depth of meditations is rather strong. The device also has a positive impact on other states such as beta or gamma, of course, but the effect is not as strong as with the alpha state.

The effects of the device I have found also suggest other things; e.g. that it provides restful sleep, stress relief, eliminates both physical and mental pain, improves our mood and interpersonal relations (in the whole field of exposure - even next door if the neighbours are within its reach :)).

S. also has a positive effect on plants and animals - everything alive. If it is an animal that actively seeks pathogenic zones, it takes a while for it to get used to it. My neighbours' cats made noise for about three days and nights, but then everything calmed down. They did not suffer, of course! The noise was rather provoked by the fact that my neighbours also have a dog, and as the cats lost their favourite spots and were restless, some temporary conflicts occurred among the animals.

Within the field emitted by my Somavedic, there is also a lawn - now of a brighter green colour. Before I turned the device on, there were rather dry spots on the lawn during summer.

Somavedic has a great potential in agriculture, especially in growing crops. If there were fields with several powerful Somavedics, there would be no or minimal occurrence of fungi and parasites, i.e. no chemical treating would be necessary and the term "ecological agriculture" would gain a completely new meaning. I believe somebody will take interest in these facts in future.

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 15%

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 65%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 6%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura - "correction" of the aura: 100%

Influence on geopathogenic zones

Level of influence on pathogenic zones: 100%

Level of influence on electrosmog: 54%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 75%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 48%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 45%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 63%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 45%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 35%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 95%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 22%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 65%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 13%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 45%

Level of improvement of concentration: 55%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 56%

Level of enhancement of the physical mental improvement in people: 36%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the "alpha" state: yes

The analysis has focused on those effects of Somavedic Harmonie I consider the most important. I am sure there are other aspects of our lives positively influenced by the device. If you have any idea what I should focus on in the future, write me an email and I may add the data in here.

Finally, I would like to point out that I performed all the measurements on my Somavedic Harmonie device and completely on my own. As each device works the same, the effect of each and every device would also be the same. Nevertheless, the field emitted by the device may differ based on the strength of the pathogenic zone or electrosmog. If - God forbid - anyone lives near a high voltage network, the reach of the device may be even more reduced.

Somavedic is a powerful but not omnipotent helper. If you want to use it for other purposes than those stated by the producer as the primal ones - i.e. elimination of pathogenic zones and electrosmog - you must realize that whether you want to fight a serious illness or enhance your spiritual growth, the main part of work must always be done by you and only you!


*BE - the abbreviation for Bovis units used for radiesthetic measurements, indicating the energy vibrational quality, named after a French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871 - 1947)