Model Atlantik reference from Jan
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In operation since: December 25, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 14 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 194,300 BE*

Somavedic Atlantik is a device designed primarily for energetic water cleansing. Your tap water will turn into "natural spring water" in a second. One can actually say that Atlantik can turn tap water into healing spring water. Notice that the device is designed for energy cleansing of drinking water - no matter whether your water comes from a well, a pipeline, or a bottle. This device cannot cleanse puddle and rain water or any similar kinds of water!

Atlantik offers a wonderful and flawless performance. Out of curiosity, I have measured the same parameters as with the rest of Somavedics I have already analysed. I think it is good to know that Atlantik is able to eliminate 100% of negative energies emitted by people within its range, too.

Many owners of the device claim that the taste of water harmonized with Atlantik is similar to the taste of natural spring water. I can confirm that. The taste of water really changes and reminds you of natural spring water. Nevertheless, this can vary based on what exactly you get from your pipeline, of course; if the Czech pipelines (or rather the French ones and other ones of a foreign origin, as a majority of Czech pipelines is owned by foreign companies, which is hard to understand for me) are full of chlorine, we cannot expect the water, though harmonized with Atlantik, to taste similarly to water without any chlorine or other chemicals.

I also came up with another way of using the device - for clothes drying. It may sound rather funny, but thinking of various substances that are added into detergents today and of the number of people suffering from various skin conditions (such as sensitive skin especially in small children and toddlers), it is not that funny anymore.

When it comes to clothes and any other things we put onto our body, the process works like that: we energetically influence everything, i.e. our aura automatically charges the clothes we have on with energy - it harmonizes them. The energetic output is minimal. But if our aura is challenged in any way, these outputs are much more noticeable, and speaking of children, they are also much more sensitive. That is why I think that this may be a reasonable function for some people. Anyway, clothes harmonization is another interesting function of Somavedic Atlantik.

Impact on water

Tap water with energetic value of 6,000 BE

Amount: 2 decilitre

Container: a glass made from common glass

Time of the device's influence effect: 3 min

Distance between the glass and the device: 3 cm

Total energetic value after the device's influence: 40,000 BE

Note: It does not matter whether we use 2 decilitres or 20 litres, the total energetic value of water is ca 40 000 BE within three minutes

Impact on clothes

After the end of the washing cycle, the energetic value of a men's T-shirt, size L, washed in a common, fully automatic washing machine with a standard detergent, is 4,500 BE

Distance between the drying rack and the device: approx. 0.4 metres

Time of the device's influence effect: 24 hours

Total energetic value after the device's influence: 19,000 BE

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 3% (applicable only if one consciously tries to improve themselves)

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 13%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 1%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura - "correction" of the aura: 18%

Influence on GPZs

Level of GPZ elimination: 75%

Level of electrosmog elimination: 37%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 25%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 10%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 28%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 31%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 36%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 30%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 100%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 23%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 60%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 15%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 12%

Level of improvement of concentration: 31%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 42%

Level of enhancement of the mental health improvement in people: 15%

Level of elimination of negative impacts of oncologic "treatments": 16%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the "alpha" state: yes

Can Somavedic eliminate malignant tumors: no

Can Somavedic mitigate negative effects of antibiotics: yes


*BE = the abbreviation for the units of the Bovis scale used for quantification of the energetic vibration quality in radiesthetic measuring ; named after French physicist André Bovis (1871-1947) /