Models Harmony, Harmonie, Medic and Atlantik reference from Eva R.
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Our experience with Somatex:

Our first model was Harmony (Lumen). Soon after first activation, we observed an effect on flowers. Because we live on the ground floor and flowerpots are visible from the windows, even our neighbors noticed it. If some of my flowers start to wither, I place Somatex Harmony close to it and it starts to heal. Otherwise I would have to get rid of many flowerpots, but using Harmony their vegetation is prolonged and their appearance improves a lot. Flower is a living organism, just like humans.

Later we bought model Harmonie. I have to stress that by activating Somatex the effects will not be noticeable immediately, it requires a certain amount of time during which cleansing of the organism starts to show. My husband, who suffers from high blood pressure, had had elevated blood sugar and heart issues to such degree that we thought, this is "the end". The change occurred not only in an improvement of his health condition but also in his behaviour and his approach to a healthy lifestyle, which he underestimated before. Not only his closest friends notice this change but also our relatives, who hadn't seen him for a longer period of time. The name Harmonie really meets what this device emits - harmonization in behaviour and even in relationships and peace in co-existence.

I have gone through many operating procedures and three difficult surgeries. Somatex Harmonie really helped towards proper healing. Currently, we own Somatex Medic, which is a great decoration of our apartment and a pleasant companion. So far, I´ve felt that problems from the past are emerging, that this Somatex points out unresolved wounds, which are inside of us like "skeletons in the closet". Also more fatigue and joint pain have manifested but after our experience with Somatex Harmonie, this will improve in time.

Somatex is not a cure-all for physical and psychological diseases, it is a HELPER, which by its emitting helps and points out. But the human's will for getting rid of psychological problems, the effort to heal from physical illness is IRREPLACEABLE! It will not resolve psychosomatic problems. Somatex cannot help people, who don't want to change, who pamper their wounds from the past. We must want to be healthy, suppress negative from the past just because neither we behaved according to the "Ten Commandments".

Last but not least I have to point out Somatex Atlantik. I had never been able to drink tap water, the chlorine was a problem for me and I had sore throat. I used to drink mineral water. Even though I alternated them, it had an effect on my health. The water treated with Atlantik is very tasty, it reminds me of the water from natural springs in Jeseníky, and if you put slices of lemon in it, you have a drink full of health.

Conclusion: I´ve visited the premises where Somatex is being manufactured and tested. That big rush of strength and energy is a proof that Somatex has a future.