Somavedic reference from Jirka
Sem vložte podnadpis

What is Somatex? I have heard that it is a device. This concept does not fit in my opinion, it's probably just a word used to describe the situation, as it is hard to find another word accessible to the "lay" public, but I personally do not agree with this word. Just as I would not say that menhirs are devices, I cannot say it of Somatex. It is true that a menhir has no cable that could be plugged in the socket, but that is the magic. A menhir is grounded. Somatex is not grounded and works without a cable stuck in the socket, without grounding. Plugging the cord into the socket only strengthens its function. Firstly, it makes it grounded and it makes its stones "radiate" 10-15% stronger. Yes, the stones, its heart comprises an exact set of precious stones. And secondly, a ring of LEDs will light up, which can be perceived as a complementary lighting effect, but it also has its hidden meaning.

So what exactly is Somatex? I can see it as a small portable menhir. In my feeling and experience it harmonizes the environment and emits energy. Its key characteristic is that it harmonizes space within a range of about 50 m, harmonizing the pathogenic zones, electrosmog and psychosomatic zones. All these zones are all around us and negatively affect us in an unnoticeable, sometimes noticeable way and permanently, in the worse case significantly consuming our energy and consequently deteriorating our health.

Pathogenic zones are natural and artificial: natural zones radiate out of the earth, we are often not even aware of them and sometimes it is difficult to avoid them; artificial zones are created by human activity, every trench, every pipe, every cable in the earth has its own zone (also high voltage lines, transformer stations...).

Electrosmog is also created by human activity, cables in the wall, sockets, every electrical appliance, all of these emit something and we have been making it worse lately by energy saving lights (fluorescent lamps), mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and similar conveniences increasingly jamming our living space.

Psychosomatic zones are created by human activity and these are energy footprints left by each of us. And sometimes these footprints are pretty "dense". Particularly noticeable are the footprints left by negative, hateful and envious people, but often also by weak people lacking confidence who attract all sorts of bad things and then pull them along and leave around. And we are just talking about the footprints that we are unaware of, the worse case is when people leave such footprints consciously and some of them can really do so. Strong zones are often remnants of some bad collective doings and events.

So the harmonizer neutralizes the negative frequencies of such zones to a point where they are not in discord with us, mainly with our bodies (real and ethereal), and make no harm to us.

Long-term stay in an environment affected by these zones brings along slow but sure deterioration of health. Somatex is reliable in helping harmonize the frequencies of the first two types of zones and stopping deterioration of our health by their influence. It also helps with the third type of zones but the situation is a little more complicated here.

So Somatex seems to be an assistant addressing a lot of things that could be detrimental to us. And it is actually true for the first two types and partly also for the third type. But it will not definitely address all psychosomatic issues. There are lots of things that must be addressed by ourselves; no assistant can deal with the real challenges or tests on our way for us. The assistant will help us remove the obstacles that could hold us or lead us into a blind alley on our way or hinder the solution of our tasks, but we must resolve such tasks ourselves. And Somatex is such an assistant, helping the physical body not to be disturbed by "trivial" issues and allowing us to face sometimes very difficult challenges or tests that would otherwise probably have remained disguised or obscured by physical problems. However, new challenges sometimes take the form of physical hardship, drawing our attention to unresolved burdens. Somatex often warns us of unresolved challenges, "pushing" us to resolve such issues even if we do not want to address them or deliberately procrastinate their solution. And this is already a manifestation of its function as an energy emitter. Each stone has its precise position and a frequency enhanced by the community of other stones and these frequencies are emitted to the environment in mutual harmony.

So, in addition to negative zone harmonization, there is also gentle and delicate "treatment" with the precious stones. Sometimes, though, the tasks that we are supposed to get done are pointed out in a manner that is harsh rather than gentle. If we overlook our tasks or unresolved burdens, we are given a warning, mostly in the form of physical discomfort. But now we know that it does not come out of nowhere. That we have overlooked some important aspect of a psychosomatic nature, something that has to do with ourselves rather than other people. Almost always it involves unresolved burdens and relationships from the past. We did something bad in the past and it must be corrected. Such wrongdoing keeps surfacing and resurfacing until it is resolved. And because we all committed many sins in the past, consciously and unconsciously, it is a recurring process. But if we do not overlook such warnings which take the form of physical discomfort, they are often not so harmful. And Somatex is a great aid, helping us not to overlook them.