Medic model reference from Mrs Dagmar
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When I first turned Somavedic Medic on, within five minutes I felt a pleasant warmth, which flooded my whole body. Every day the sense of warmth, trembling, inner tingling got strong. I could work better with my clients. Then some parts of my body, which we were dealing with in the past, started to make themselves known... we observed it with my husband, mainly muscles and joints. Everything, and not only on the physical side, which we were dealing with in the past, energetically started to clear and release from the biofield. It mainly manifested in the form of more frequent visits to the toilet. What surprised me the most was that Medic could clear the subconscious. It released all my skeletons in the closet, and I suddenly felt more peace of mind.

Then it came! Euphoria, inflow of massive amount of energy. I began to notice my intuition got better, I was better using my potential, I did not feel any fatigue like before. My relatives started to notice also that I radiate energy, I lost 5 kg, they saw the change and wanted a recipe for how I do it. Negative energies, which I had in my biofield, started to release and I sensed my legs tingling and the energy leaving my body through my feet.

I noticed an improvement in relationships, clients started to pay me more for my work, I started receiving valuable gifts, as if it activated a flow of abundance. When I was running errands everyone was very nice to me, I suddenly started meeting very nice people. I also began getting feedback from my clients, to whom I recommended this jewel. One woman, who was unable to get pregnant, got pregnant within two months and another one within five months. The client, who couldn't sell his property, suddenly after installing the device found a prospective buyer and successfully sold his property. Those, who didn't have a job, found it during a short time. My mom's high blood pressure got better and stopped taking medication. My husband's knees stopped causing pain, without him taking any supplements for it. He feels great and is more fit. He regularly used to had, at least twice a year, problems with his back, now everything is fine. My friend had an eczema on her hand for 15 years, which now disappeared.

My 13 year old dog started to act as a puppy, he's full of energy, he always wants to play, he's no longer that sleepy old man. Since installing the device I haven't sensed ghosts in our house, it keeps various entities and nonphysical uninvited guests away. The device has a positive effect on the physical, psychological and even energetic level. I feel it is no coincidence, it's an effect of minerals, which penetrated our bodies, furniture, house, garden and create a strong protective shield, which helps us in today's hectic and difficult time. I have always thought I was fine, but I was mistaken... the whole time I was internally tense, but I could compare these feelings just now. It is like a big relief. I can warmly recommend it to everyone, who feel they are in a vicious circle and don't know how to get out of it. This device is a big helper. Of course you can't lie, steal, cheat, you need to work on yourself, the causes, but this together will create an unbelievable effect. Since that time I have been meeting interesting people. Medic exceeded my expectations and I swear by it. I am absolutely excited about the range of its effect. It's a miracle and I am very grateful for having it in our house. Mr. Rybjansky has my admiration, I would like to thank him with this. He created a unique energetic emitter and I am honestly very grateful for it. After 28 years I have finally found an effective protection against everything negative and evil, I found Medic - bingo!